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Parking--There's An App For That!

Apps, or applications, are all of those fun little programs you can download onto your smartphone or tablet. There is so much you can accomplish with the useful apps, and all of the fun apps practically babysit your kids while you are running errands or doing household chores. Is there anything apps cannot do? Apparently not, as these parking apps will show you.

Pay in Advance and Reserve Your Spot

In major metropolitan areas there are more cars than parking spots available. To resolve this problem, these cities have employed a smart app solution. Once you have the app, you load it with money and then use the app for payment for parking at a city parking ramp or a meter spot. The app may even allow you to reserve a spot for a specific time, preventing anyone from taking your parking spot. (This is more common with the parking ramps, since it is easier to turn away others who want to park in the ramp.)

Apps for Long-Term Parking

If you are heading out of town for a week or more via an airplane, and you want to secure a spot in the airport parking lot, there is an app for that too. Pay for and reserve a parking spot in the airport's lots. The e-receipt you are sent tells you where your spot is and how to reach it on the day you expect to park your vehicle and fly out.

Scan and Pay Parking Apps

For those of you that like to scan and pay for your coffee every morning, there is another type of parking app. Load it up with cash directly from your account. Then, when you want to park somewhere that accepts scan payments, roll up, open the app, scan the app's bar code or Q-code at the meter or toll booth parking ramp, and you are good to go. The only time this does not work is when the parking ramp is already full and there is no way your vehicle is going to find a spot. 

Check out All of the Parking Apps Available

However and wherever you get apps for your smartphone, you can search for "parking apps." A nice, long list will pop up, and you can scroll through to see which ones would work where you live. Do not forget to check for parking apps under your city's mobile app name, which may also return a couple of results.