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4 Tips For Driving Your Rental Truck

If you rented a large truck for a move, you need to make sure you understand how to drive the truck. Driving a large ten to twenty-five-foot truck is different than driving a passenger vehicle. Before you rent a truck for your move, make sure you know how to safely drive the truck. 

 Learn Where Everything Is

The first thing you need to do is learn where everything is. Sit in the truck and figure out where the turn signal is, where the windshield wipers are and where the lights are. Practice using the turn signal, turning on the wipers, and using the lights. When you need to use these things when driving, you don't want to have to think about it. 

Check the position of all the mirrors. Adjust the mirrors so you can see as much space behind you as possible. The clearance is not going to be what you are used to in a passenger car, so spend a few minutes getting orientated with how the mirrors look and how much you can see when looking out through the mirrors.  

Stick to Main Roads

As you plan your route, stick to the main roads. Avoid really small and narrow roads. Give yourself plenty of room to maneuver, as big trucks require more space,  and it will be easier for you to drive on the main roads versus small and narrow roads, where you need to be even more aware of your surroundings.  

Think About Clearance

You need to know the clearance of the truck, or how tall the truck is. Ask the rental company if there are any bridges or areas you should be aware of in the local area so that you don't find yourself trying to drive through an underpass that your vehicle isn't made for. That said, more than anything, you should avoid going through food drive-thrus, as they usually have lower clearance limits, and you don't want to get stuck.  

Give Yourself Space

As you drive, give yourself more space between yourself and other vehicles. Take more time to brake and turn. Don't rush yourself and don't tailgate. You need more distance in order to stop safely, and more space when changing and switching lanes.  

Before you rent a moving truck, such as a Uhaul truck rental, make sure you are ready to drive it. Plan a route that sticks to main roads, and avoid narrow roads. Be aware of the height of the vehicle and avoid any underpasses or drive through situations where the height could be a risk. Give yourself lots of space and stay away from other vehicles. Learn where all the necessary signals are before you start driving.