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3 Tips for Buying a Used Big Rig

If you need a semi-truck and are on a budget, your best option is to purchase an affordable, used commercial semi-truck. When it comes to purchasing a used semi-truck, it is essential to know what to look for.

Tip #1: Investigate Engine History

The history of an engine is essential when purchasing a commercial vehicle. With a commercial vehicle, the vehicle owners are required to keep track of the maintenance on the car. You want to ensure the truck has gotten proper maintenance. With the right maintenance, many engines are capable of lasting for up to a million miles; commercial engines are designed to put more miles on them, however, how many miles depends on how they were taken care of. A seller shouldn't have a problem providing you with maintenance logs.

If you are purchasing a vehicle with around a million miles on it, make sure you are getting a discount on the vehicle that will allow you to pay to rebuild the engine. Getting a reliable vehicle and putting a new engine in it is one way to get a used truck at an affordable price.

Tip #2: Find Out What Parts Have Been Replaced

Next, you need to find out what major parts and systems have been replaced on the vehicle. Has the transmission been replaced? When were the brakes last replaced? When was the suspension last replaced? Replacing and fixing things is part of owning a big rig; knowing what has been replaced will help you better estimate the long-term cost of purchasing a used big rig. Examining the repair history will allow you to figure out if the vehicle fits your long-term budget.

Tip #3: Use a Respected Dealer

When it comes to purchasing a big rig, you will have to spend some real money, even if you are purchasing a used vehicle. That is why you are going to want to find a respected dealer to work with. You want to work with a dealer who will offer you various forms of financing. You want to work with a dealer who will offer a short warranty on the vehicle to back-up the purchase. You want a dealer who will provide you with a certified payment.

When purchasing a used vehicle, you need to investigate the engine and repair history of the vehicle, so you can know what repairs to budget for in the near future. You also want to find a respected dealer to work with who will offer and accept multiple financing forms and back their sales up with a short warranty.

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