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How Should You Choose A Towing Company In An Unfamiliar Area?

If your car suffers a breakdown close to home, there's a good chance you'll already know one or two reliable towing companies that you can call. Even if you don't, you'll often have the time to carefully research your choices and decide on the best option available. Unfortunately, you won't always have these luxuries when your car fails you far from home in an unfamiliar location. 

When you find yourself in these circumstances, it's important to take the time to carefully evaluate your situation and choose the best towing company for your needs. These three tips will help you find a truck to get your car to safety and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

1. Take Stock of Your Situation

In any breakdown, it's important to evaluate your situation calmly. Ask yourself a few questions:

You should generally stay with your vehicle unless there's a pressing emergency. Never attempt to cross traffic unless you're in imminent danger from a fire or other urgent hazard. Only call 911 for genuine emergencies, but you should call the non-emergency police number if you cannot fully exit the road and are currently obstructing traffic.

If you're safely off the road, you can take some time to follow the rest of these tips.

2. Determine a Destination

When you're close to home, you'll probably want to tow your car to your house or a mechanic your trust. However, the situation can be less clear in unfamiliar locations. As long as there's no pressing danger, take some time to look for local garages so that you can tell your tow driver where you'll need your car to go.

It's also important to determine a destination so that you can confirm that the towing company you select services that area. Some companies may only offer limited service areas and won't be able to provide a tow to a more distant location. You'll also want to confirm that the garage you choose can fit you in before requesting a tow to their location.

3. Check Reviews and Capabilities

Once you know where you're going, it's time to start reading reviews for local towing companies. Choosing a generally well-regarded company with few complaints is important, as with any service. You'll also want to check their capabilities by checking the company's website or calling ahead. In particular, you'll probably need a flatbed for long-distance travel or if you drive an AWD vehicle.

Always carefully explain your situation and intended destination when calling to schedule your tow. You'll want to let your company know if you're in a dangerous situation and need a priority tow and how far you're planning to go. You'll have no trouble finding a reputable towing company by taking these simple steps, even if you're hundreds or thousands of miles from home.

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