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How To Successfully Care For A Fleet Of Trucks

Starting as a business owner is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. All business owners will have to put time into their business. Most who are engaging in a startup will also put a lot of their own money into their business, so success is both desired and necessary. If you are the owner of a fleet of trucks that will be making deliveries, you will mostly need to keep up with your route times and keep up with the maintenance of the trucks. While your delivery drivers are working on perfecting their routes, here are a few things that you can do to keep daily use truck service in good condition. 

Get tandem inspections throughout the month

Investing in trucks that are already used will cost you considerably less money than usual. The one thing that you must worry about is the maintenance of a used truck. Instead of taking your whole fleet for servicing, get your trucks serviced in tandem. Take one truck per week to the mechanic, or have the mechanic come to your lot to inspect one or two that will be in the lot at the time. This way the weekly bills are more manageable and can keep up with the checks that are coming in from your delivery routes. Contact companies like Apex Transportation for more information.

Do the painting yourself

A truck getting scratches and dents when roaming around the city is common. Tree branches, other cars, and the weather can cause the paint to strip off of the cars. In order to keep your trucks presentable for client deliveries, you will need to make sure that there are as few imperfections as possible. Paint all of your trucks the same shade and make sure they have similar or matching decals. Keep an exact match for the paint and painting supplies inside of your shop. This will keep your fleet in professional condition. 

Keep in town trucks lighter

Lighter box trucks are easier for auto mechanics to maintain. Box trucks are about as easy to drive as a van or SUV. This makes driving and maneuvering easier for the drivers and it makes maintenance simpler for your fleet mechanic. Box trucks can be set up with delivery equipment in the back meant for paperwork, clothing, electronics and more. Prepare the back bed of your box truck with the appropriate truck padding, flooring, and equipment to cart off products. Lighter truck means lighter cost of maintaining, which is great for a brand new truck service fleet.